Solstar Provides Assured Communications for Deorbiting LEO Satellites as FCC Issues New Order

As the Federal Communications Commission issues stricter deorbit requirements for post-mission disposal of LEO spacecraft, Solstar Space offers an easy means of redundant communications for compliance with newly adopted rule.

October 4, 2022 – SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, USA Solstar Space (Solstar), the company making persistent in-orbit communications available, announced its currently in development, Deke Space Communicator will provide a cost-effective and easy communications solution to support end-of-life decommissioning of spacecraft. When installed on satellites prior to initial launch, the Solstar Deke Space Communicator will give satellite operators persistent communications with low earth orbit (LEO) assets, even when out of range of ground stations.

“When installed on space-based assets prior to launch, Deke Space Communicators will make it simple for satellite operators and constellation owners to communicate with spacecraft to comply with regulations aimed at managing space debris. In addition, it can provide timely connectivity that supports anomaly resolution actions and collision avoidance maneuvers,” says Brian Barnett, CEO, Solstar Space. “Any organization launching spacecraft into low earth orbit has a responsibility to ensure there are redundant systems onboard for monitoring, managing, and deorbiting assets throughout the lifecycle. This will become a necessity as LEO becomes increasingly congested,” continues Barnett.

“With the Deke Space Communicator designed into spacecraft during manufacturing, it provides a method for deorbiting LEO assets at the end-of-life, thereby avoiding creation of even more space debris in the future. This small, lightweight, and reliable communications solution is straightforward to add to any spacecraft. It will provide a narrowband connection designed to allow satellite operators to issue commands immediately instead of waiting for a ground station to come into view of the satellite. This instantaneous communications path provides peace of mind and ensures long-term security for LEO spacecraft,” says Paul Frey, Director, Product Development, Solstar Space.

“Earlier prototypes of the Deke Space Communicator demonstrated persistent communications aboard Blue Origin New Shepard and sounding rocket flights. Providing a plug and play solution that will safeguard the future of spaceflight and space exploration by helping to manage space debris is a central mission for our crew here at Solstar,” explains Frey.

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Solstar Space is the leading commercial space-based connectivity company pioneering the use of persistent communications services for all types of on-orbit assets including satellites, space stations, launch vehicles, and more. We provide an internet connection between spacecraft and Earth-based payload managers, satellite operators, and enable communications for crewed missions in sub-orbit, LEO, and cis-lunar and lunar surface operations.

Our fast, reliable services, space-tested routers, WiFi access points and hotspots, and space-based satellite data relays are being developed to deliver on-orbit connectivity and are supported by 24/7 customer care. These devices are installed on satellites and spacecraft prior to launch to keep crew, spacecraft, and Earth-based satellite operations teams connected. Visit

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