Connecting Everything and Everyone in Space 

Solstar makes it simple to stay connected with crewmembers working in space and space-based assets.

Solstar Space is the leading commercial space-based connectivity company pioneering the use of persistent communications services for all types of on-orbit assets including satellites, space stations, launch vehicles, and more. We provide a secure internet connection between spacecraft and Earth-based payload managers, satellite operators, and enable communications for crewed and uncrewed missions in sub-orbit, LEO, and cis-lunar and lunar surface operations.

Sub-orbital & Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

Lunar Orbit

Lunar Surface

Beyond Earth & the Moon

Our fast, reliable services, space-tested routers, WiFi access points and hotspots, and space-based satellite data relays are being developed to deliver on-orbit connectivity and are supported by 24/7 customer care. These devices are installed on satellites and spacecraft prior to launch to keep crew, spacecraft, and Earth-based satellite operations teams connected.

Who We Work With

Solstar Space supports several different markets in connecting people and things in space. Here’s an overview of some of the key market segments we support.

Commercial Space

Solstar works with commercial space companies around the globe to make communications, connectivity, and reliable networks available to support commercial space stations, sub-orbit spaceflights, on-orbit mining and manufacturing, high altitude balloon tourism and more.

International Space Agencies & Researchers

Solstar provides communication, connectivity, and networking solutions to support NASA and international space agencies in both their crewed and uncrewed missions in low earth orbit, lunar orbit, lunar surface operations and beyond. Solstar also supports researchers in interacting with space-based payloads and experiments.

For example, Solstar was selected to provide the WiFi Access Points for the HALO module of the Lunar Gateway.

Government & Aerospace

Solstar provides persistent communications with space assets and resources for government, U.S. Space Force, U.S. Air Force, national security and DOD initiatives. Solstar also supports industry-leading aerospace companies working with government entities.

Consumer & Entertainment

Solstar space-based communication services enable immersive art applications and live commercial video feeds from space, and allow consumers on Earth to share space-based digital content.

Solstar Connects People & Things in Space

Solstar Space eliminates the challenges of space-based missions and operations by providing the products and services that make it as easy to get things done in space as it is on Earth.

Solstar’s Spaceflight Heritage


35,000 Feet

Satellite connectivity to corporate jets for Walmart


1,000 Feet

Communications for NATO/UK Ministry of Defence helicopters


70,000 Feet

Connectivity for U2 high-altitude jet aircraft used for intelligence gathering


100,000 Feet

High-altitude balloon connectivity and communications


72 miles

Demonstrated first texts to space aboard UP Aerospace sounding rocket


66 miles

Blue Origin Flight 1 – Solstar’s Schmitt Space Communicator SC-1x prototype flew aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, provided a WiFi access point, and sent the first commercial tweet from space.


74 miles

Blue Origin Flight 2 – Installed a WiFi Access Point and provided communications for a crew escape test aboard the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket during a sub-orbital flight


238,855 miles

Solstar selected by leading aerospace corporation to provide the WiFi access points for use in cislunar space.


1,200 Miles

Solstar awarded $1.25 million U.S. Space Force Phase II SBIR contract for R&D of a flight-ready data relay transceiver prototype.

Solstar Management Team

M. Brian Barnett

CEO & Founder


Mark Matossian



Tony Colucci

Board Member


Jon David Cunningham

Frankie Arvelo

Corporate Counsel


Lisa Dreher

Marketing Communications


Solstar’s Team

Miranda Sanchez

Operations Manager


Stephen Barnett

IT Engineer



Solstar Advisors

Alan Stern




Charles D. Walker

Advisor & Former Astronaut



Dr. James Vanderploeg

Advisor & Senior Medical Advisor, Virgin Galactic


Dr. Pat Hynes

Advisor & FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation


Sonny Mitchell

Advisor & Former NASA Senior Engineering Manager


Nick Jacobs

Sales & Telecom Advisor