Connecting Everything in Space
to Everyone on Earth

After transportation, you need 


Solstar is the leading commercial satellite communications company pioneering the use of WiFi in space. We use existing commercial communications satellite networks in Low Earth Orbit and Geostationary Earth Orbit. We provide space-to-space communications on spacecraft and bi-directional two-way data services for payloaders.

Our Vision is to become the space-based internet service provider of choice

Solstar’s mission is to build and create the tools necessary to enable 24/7 secure, economical, convenient, two-way, internet-based communications with every “thing” in space, to be the ISP of choice in Earth Orbit and beyond.

Our tools and services include:

  • Harnessing the power of the very best existing infrastructure to facilitate constant communication with space assets such as SmallSats, Astronauts, LEO platforms, suborbital/orbital spacecraft, and eventually Lunar and Mars exploration.
  • Revolutionizing the way people on Earth communicate and interact with their payloads in space
  • Improving the way space research is conducted and communicated from space to the ground and back again
  • Protecting valuable space assets through enhanced two-way communication opportunities for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving issues.
  • Providing reliable emergency backup communications for people and things in space
  • Helping to solve the space junk problem enabling our customers to send the “re-enter” command using our embedded space communicator and service.
  • Providing 24/7 customer service to payloaders/researchers previously not available to the market