NM Firm Builds Wi-Fi ‘Hotspot’ for NASA Moon Station


Aug. 2—When the first leg of NASA’s Lunar Gateway space station begins orbiting the moon in 2024, an onboard wireless access system will provide continuous internet connectivity, courtesy of New Mexico’s Solstar Space Co.

Northrop Grumman Corp. subcontracted Solstar in July to supply the wireless-enabling technology to create a Wi-Fi “hotspot” on NASA’s Habitation and Logistics Outpost, or HALO, which will launch in 2024 as the first stage of the moon station. Northrop Grumman is building the HALO module under a $935 million contract awarded by NASA last year as part of its Gateway project to create a permanent, orbiting space station to support long-term human exploration of the lunar surface and deep space.

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Solstar Space is the leading commercial space-based connectivity company pioneering the use of persistent communications services for all types of on-orbit assets including satellites, space stations, launch vehicles, and more. We provide an internet connection between spacecraft and Earth-based payload managers, satellite operators, and enable communications for crewed missions in sub-orbit, LEO, and cis-lunar and lunar surface operations.

Our fast, reliable services, space-tested routers, WiFi access points and hotspots, and space-based satellite data relays are being developed to deliver on-orbit connectivity and are supported by 24/7 customer care. These devices are installed on satellites and spacecraft prior to launch to keep crew, spacecraft, and Earth-based satellite operations teams connected. Visit https://www.solstarspace.com.

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